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IMPORTANT: This project is by INVITATION ONLY. You may only participate in this project if you have been invited by your RSM. Note that only select RSMs have been given the ability to recommend agents for this program, and the ultimate decision regarding participation has been made by the Anthem Retention Department.


We know that it is far less expensive to keep existing clients than it is to find new ones. Yet, it is common in our industry to spend far more on acquisition than retention. Through this pilot project, we want to measure the effectiveness of regular communication with existing clients through the medium of real, physical greeting cards. Once considered a minimum requirement in any practice, the habit of sending thank you, birthday, and nice to meet you cards has been replaced by impersonal emails and e-cards. And yet, evidence suggests that those agents who can master the “old school” method of sending cards can use this “high-touch” method to increase retention and sales.

This limited pilot project is designed to test the effectiveness of one specific tool, SendOutCards, to increase retention and sales.

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 If you have questions, please contact your RSM or our Project Coordinator, Everett O’Keefe, at 559-477-4202


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